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Personal Trainers
Annie Foulds

Professional. Exceptional. Passionate.

Area of Expertise: Endurance, HIIT, Conditioning, Piyo & Insanity.

Annie is one of London’s most in-demand trainers. At the top of her game for the past seven years, she knows how to take goals, no matter what they might be, and turn them into reality. As a professionally trained dancer turned ultra-runner and fitness model competitor, this mum knows a thing or two about multi-tasking. Annie’s friendly, yet no-nonsense approach, will take you from zero to hero in no time.

Guilty pleasure: Champagne

Favourite workout tune: Beyoncé, Run the World.

Qualifications: Exercise referral. Obesity and diabetes, insanity live, spin and PIYO instructor.

Instagram: AnnieFoulds

Twitter: AnnieFoulds

Facebook: AnnieFoulds


Becki Rabin

Goofy. Loud. Fun

Area of Expertise: I love to focus on strength training, HIIT and teaching powerful, fun classes. For me working with my clients goes above and beyond the physical changes. I spend time with them building confidence and learning to love the body they have - it makes the journey of change so much easier.

As a qualified personal trainer, Becki has built a credible reputation within the industry. Having worked with leading fitness centres, appeared in Women’s Health & Cosmo, hosted bootcamps and has been a brand ambassador for world renowned brands such as Puma, JD Women and Lorna Jane - to training celebrities, and influencers, Becki has cemented herself firmly as one of the industries elite

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolateeeeeee!!!

Favourite workout tune: That's impossible! Totally depends on my mood and the session I am doing

Social Media: @alt_healthy_becki




Callum Melley

Fun. Outgoing. Motivational.

Area of Expertise: Body transformation expert, specialising in strength & conditioning & performance nutrition. Pre-Grad ISSN Diploma student in Sports/Performance Nutrition.

I am extremely passionate about health & fitness & like to practice what I preach. I am a Mens Fitness magazine cover model, published fitness model, health & fitness writer, Men's Health magazine contributor & an all round good egg ;) I love what I do & find nothing more rewarding than helping others achieve their health & fitness related goals. What makes me different from other trainers? I don't just focus on the 1 hour I spend with my clients within the gym, I provide them with around the clock support to ensure they stay on track for the other 23 hours in the day & ultimately achieve the results they want. Feel free to check out my online virtual personal training programme BODY IN 8 at to see what my previous clients had to say.

Guilty Pleasure: Five Guys

Favourite workout tune: Kid Ink - Main Chick

Instagram: @calllummelly

Facebook: @callummelly

Twitter: @callummelly



Mobile: 07943030738


Carmen Laubscher

Passionate. Friendly. Caring.

Area of Expertise: Sport and chronic Injuries, chronic conditions and special populations.

Carmen specialises in working on postural dysfunctions and muskulo-skeletal injuries. Having worked with people of all ages in both sporting and non-sporting environments, Carmen is able to identify a wide range of dysfunctions, both acute and chronic. She uses tailored-made corrective exercise programs and sport massage to re-align the body to its most effective position.

Guilty Pleasure: A glass of red wine

Favourite workout tune: Galantis, No Money

Qualifications: BSc in Sport Science, Sports Massage.

Instagram: carmen_laubscher_biokinetics

Twitter: LaubscherCarmen

Facebook: Carmen Laubscher Biokinetics

Mobile: 07990102644


Chris Barker

Fit. Tattooed. Muscle.

Areas of Expertise: Boxing, HIIT and bodybuilding. Level 5 Weight Loss Practitioner.

Chris has been personal training in London for over four years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of different disciplines. It is not only this knowledge, but his clear passion for health and fitness that help to differentiate him from the average trainer - join Team Over-Training now.

Guilty pleasure: Protein pancakes

Favourite workout tune:
Eminem, Soldier

Instagram: Overtraining_pg

Twitter: Overtraining_pg

Facebook: Overtraining

Website: /

Mobile: 07912436259


David Tieu

Motivated. Passionate. Dedicated

Area of Expertise: Muay Thai boxing, weight loss, strength and conditioning for fighters.

David is a professional Muay Thai Boxer and fully qualified personal trainer. He has a lot of ring experience having competed in some of the world’s biggest Muay Thai events. Eager to share his passion, knowledge and skill, he now teaches up to 100 students a week.

Guilty Pleasure: John Cafferty - Hearts On Fire (Rocky IV)

Favourite workout tune: John Cafferty, Hearts On Fire (Rocky IV)

Instagram: DT_alexfitness

Facebook: team Tieu

Twitter: David Tieu


Mobile: 07943030738


Gary Ward

Chocolate Sculpted Muscle

Area of Expertise:I am a master trainer focused on health / nutrition / fat loss and weight management.
I specialize in correctional / symmetry and post and pre-natal training.
My journey started playing and coaching football (Uefa B qualified).

I have a passion for boxing and love it at all levels. I have sparred champs. I have trained champs I train like a champ!

Guilty Pleasure: Good red wine / good peanut butter

Favourite workout tune: Classic RnB / Bashment

Instagram: gw_force


Mobile: 07985379075


George Budulan

Professional. Enthusiastic. Social.

Area of Expertise: Weight loss, posture correction and boxing.

George has an impressive background in sport and fitness, previously competing at a national and international level. Passionate about getting people excited and motivated about fitness, George looks at posture and flexibility, dietary intake, habits and restrictions and the other demands of each client’s lifestyle and develops unique fitness programmes that combine training, nutrition, and sport massage therapy to ensure all of your specific goals and needs are achieved.

Instagram: Gottotrain

Twitter: Gottotrain

Facebook: Gottotrain



Ivar Gereiko


Areas of Expertise: Full body transformation, dramatic weight loss, muscle gain, body re-composition, proportion improvement, natural physique and bikini coach.

With a background in triathlon, taekwondo, boxing and powerlifting (he was Bodypower 2015 Champion in Men’s Physique category), Ivar is a motivated individual. Ivar’s friendly nature and wealth of experience transform both athletes and total beginners. Whether you’re struggling to squeeze workouts into a busy schedule, or need some one-to-one guidance and motivation, Ivar can adapt any training programme to suit your needs.

Guilty Pleasure:Cheesecake and fishing.

Favourite workout tune: Linkin Park, Session.

Instagram: ivarphysique

Twitter: IvarGereiko

Facebook: Ivar Gereiko


Mobile: 07773355577


Ivor Ivanov

Body Transformation Specialist.

Areas of Expertise: Fat loss, muscle build, strength and conditioning.

Ivor is eager to share his passion for health, fitness and well-being with others. In a quest to get himself in the best possible shape, without the use of performance enhancements, he has developed several body and mind transformational programs that he now uses to help clients to achieve their goals. He promises that as long as one is willing to get into the right mind frame then he can get him or her in the best shape possible with 1-3% of body fat loss in a week. Check out what his clients have to say.

Guilty Pleasure: PS4 and pizza.

Favourite workout tune: ACDC, Thunder Strike.

Instagram: true_performance_fitness

Twitter: TP Fitness

Facebook: True Performance Fitness


Mobile: 07881955581


James Stirling

Passionate. Dedicated. Motivating

Area of Expertise: My health and fitness philosophy is about creating complete fitness and body functionality. I have experience in fat loss, muscle gain and endurance event preparation for both running and cycling. I utilise a range of training styles and techniques to help you achieve your goals, whilst adding the fun and enjoyment factor to ensure you adhere to your routine.

Having achieved a BSc in Sport Science from University of Southampton, James has since worked with Governing Bodies of Sport and professional Football Club (Fulham FC) where he has developed a range of sport and fitness related skills. In 2013, James competed in a 'Fitness Model' competition (Miami Pro) and placed Top 4 in the UK through utilising his diet and training protocols for muscle gain and fat loss.

He is a UK Ambassador for Fitbit and most recently trained the X-Factor finalists through 2016/17.

James enjoys all aspects of fitness and practices what he preaches, running the Paris half marathon and cycling the Ride 100 in London.

Guilty Pleasure: Cheese - both cheesy lines and food!

Favourite workout tune: No body to love - Sigma


Facebook: londonfitnessguy


Mobile: 07921148097


Jesse Oviedo

Motivating. Inspiring. Passionate.

Area of expertise: Fat loss, building muscle, getting lean, body conditioning and competition preparation.

I am a Body transformation couch and a WBFF Pro European Fitness Model Champion, also I have 10 years experience as a personal trainer in which I have achieved amazing client transformation, I am passionate about fitness focusing on inspiring, motivating and educating others to achieve their fitness goals and keep their results for the rest of their life.

Guilty Pleasure: Burgers

Instagram: @Jesse_Oviedo

Facebook: Jesse Oviedo WBFF Pro


Mobile: 07475528382



Jessi Rueda

Dedicated. Positive. Passionate.

Area of expertise: Fat Loss, Build lean muscle, Booty builder, muscle definition and preparation for competition.

I'm The WBFF European Fitness Champion, a cover magazine model, Fitness model pro,Nutramino sponsored athlete and mother of two amazing boys. I have 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, I'm a online coaching and a Fitness competitor. With my Knowledge, I have achieved amazing clients transformations and changed lifestyles. I have been pregnant twice and I have been successful transforming my own physique to a World-class level. I'm passionate about fitness, I like to help people to achieve their goals and motivate them to have a healthy lifestyle.

Guilty Pleasure: Cake and cookies!

Instagram: @jessi_rueda

Facebook: Jessi Rueda Fitness


Mobile: 07495781039

Website: (coming soon)


Kris Roberts

The complete athlete.

Areas of Expertise: Muscle building, fat loss, calisthenics, strength and conditioning.

Kris' training style is one that will push all aspects of your body and it's capabilities.

With Kris you will learn how to build a strong, lean physique by using lifts from Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and free weight exercises.

You'll also train to be fast, athletic and develop your proprioception and balance by using styles of training from Gymnastics, Calisthenics and Plyometrics.

His nutrition and diet philosophy is one that will allow you to still enjoy eating your favourite foods as you shred your body fat away.

When you join Kris as a client you can expect to receive a complete coaching that will not only get your physical health in the best state possible but also one that gets you feeling mentally strong and powerful.

Favourite workout song: Bad Meets Evil - All I Think About

Guilty Pleasure: Krispy Cremes (Peanut butter and jelly is the best).

Favourite workout song: Bad Meets Evil, All I Think About.

Instagram: krisroberts

Facebook: Kris Roberts

Twitter: Krisrobertsfit



Mobile: 07833688854


Rickel White

Professional. Charming. Diverse.

Area of Expertise: Specialising in rehabilitation, HIIT/ resistance training, boxing and posture correction.

Rickel has studied Sports Science and Nutrition, Posture alignment/Correction and he is also FA Level 2 qualified. He has inherited a unique boxing style and has been boxing for 6 years; this is shown in his personal training sessions and remains a passion for him. Rickel has over 10 years of experience in the Sporting Industry. From a young age, he played football signing pro forms from the age of 16. He now works witha number of different athletes from football,Rugby players, boxers to sprinters and your everyday person who wants general health and nutrition training or weight loss.

Guilty Pleasure: Cake, cake, cake and shopping.

Favourite Workout Tune: Wale, Ambition


Mobile: 07500834113


Sam Bhaumick

Driven. Creative. Hard-working.

Areas of Expertise: Body sculpting.

Sam's impressive track record has enabled him to work alongside Manchester City FC nutritionist Matt Lovell. He also holds a degree from Loughborough University and has a family background in medicine. If you're looking to slim down and tone up Sam is a perfect fit!

Guilty Pleasure: Anything edible

Favourite workout song: 7 - Catfish and the Bottleman

Instagram: sambhaumickfit

Facebook: sambhaumickfit

Twitter: sambhaumickfit


Mobile: 07944701952


Sasha Green

Confident. Motivated. Nonchalant.

Areas of Expertise: Fitness and fat loss.

As a fitness model, Sasha knows what it takes to get you feeling and looking your absolute best. Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is something he advocates to all his clients. His sessions are tough, varied and balanced. Sasha always provides high levels of motivation and encouragement to keep you focused.

Favourite workout tune: Hot Chocolate, You Sexy Thing

Guilty Pleasure: Five Guys

Qualifications: Personal Training Diploma, Advanced Certification in Nutrition, Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology

Instagram: sashagreenPT

Twitter: fitbygreen

Facebook: Fit by Green



Mobile: 074 54 361117


Tom Brazier

WBFF Physique Coach

Area of Expertise: WBFF Coach of the year. Internationally acclaimed physique coach. Fitness and Nutritional Consultant. WBFF Pro. ONE LDN Ambassador.

Tom Brazier - Internationally acclaimed as one of the top specialist trainers in the UK with over 13 years experience, Tom is known as the ultimate physique transformation coach in the industry. Whether you're looking to compete or just get into fitness, this guy knows it all!

Social Media: @tbconditioning